Blackhall Studios Proposed Land Swap @ Intrenchment Creek

Hey all, here are some vital links that help fill in the context of ALL of what is going on—and what is at stake—followed by the actual proposed land swap and the other options available (including maps) …

The Proposed Land Swap Between Blackhall Studios and DeKalb County (PDF)

Current South River Trail System + Arabia and Rockdale Extensions (PDF)

Planting Hope for Atlanta's Water Resources (@

1) This map shows Intrenchment Creek as it is now (outlined in Blue), with the RC Airfield indicated. This is one of the features that would have to be replaced elsewhere by Blackhall if this goes through, along with the PATH and parking lot with pavilion. The Red outlines indicate property currently held by Blackhall:


2) This is the proposed land swap, with the three parcels at the top going to the park in exchange for the Red outlined parcel going to Blackhall. The PATH would need to be re-routed through the remaining greenspace (shown here in Red), with a new parking lot and pavilion as well as a new trail head on Bouldercrest. Now- where would the airfield go? The only place is the new (swapped) parcel on the right hand side, which means no real woods there:


3) This map shows another possibility. What if Blackhall could acquire and swap the land directly above Intrenchment Creek Park? That would join the Boulderwalk neighborhood directly to the park, without using Bouldercrest at all. It is currently owned by the City of Atlanta, along with the Prison Farm land to the west, along Intrenchment Creek. Say, that former target range would make a real nice RC Airfield- it's just about the same size! I bet the residents of Boulderwalk would much rather have that across the creek than guns and bombs being detonated by the APD! How about that for a land swap?


4) Here is a slightly bigger picture of what is happening in the area. With Constitution Lakes to the southwest, and the South River Corridor directly to the south, we could tie all of this greenspace together- possibly through the Dekalb Greenspace existing in the floodplain between Blackhall's studios. Plans are already underway to connect these green spaces to the Beltline and neighborhoods in every direction, including East Atlanta. All of these pieces fit into a much larger picture envisioned by the Nature Conservancy and other groups: